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Hangover - Dark Poetry

I don’t know why people admire sobriety

Booze chases away every plight

Strips away life’s anxiety

Takes the edge off every night

But in the morning, in the light

When I’m driving to work at the store

When I need to face up to life

It puts the edge back on—harder than before

Everyday life becomes a struggle…

Vomiting up Christmas ham at the gas station

Summer family picnics, dying of dehydration

Lunch dates are torture no matter the plate

Small talk is the absolute worst fate

Every daily experience

I suffer behind this mask of normality

Keeping everyone unaware of my dreadful reality

I’m robbed of ambition

A Captainless ship

Sinking in an empty ocean

And my mask begins to slip

But at some point, some sweet, sweet point

The sun bleeds grapefruit pink across the sky

And the day is over

And my ship floats to shore

And I’ve survived


For better or worse

And to celebrate, I have a drink

And another

And I can take off my mask

And another

And the hangover is gone

And another

And it’s magical

And another

And I create wonderful things

And another

And the crickets sing

All is well

And I fade back into this beautiful Hell

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