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Next Life - Dark Fiction Poetry

Living is nothing but a dead-end job

And after shooting up one night

I was fine

Leaving the whole thing behind

I woke up dead a while later

Wandered and found a pack

And we roamed together

Watched each other’s back

I kinda liked this life after death

This being undead

No one spoke, nothing left to be said

No worry, No Monday morning dread

As we hunted the desolate streets

The remaining humans got smart

Discreet, they boarded up

Barricaded and slowed our horde up

But we broke their barriers, enjoyed our feasts

Their sweet brains and tender meats

We all shuffled our feet

Moved as one giant beast

It felt good to fit in

Maybe I would enjoy this next life…


But time drags on endlessly

And humans become harder to score

As the pack grows daily

I barely recognize it anymore

I just want to sleep

But the hunger won’t leave me be

It’s like heroin

Only I can’t get enough to OD

One day I move on

Just gone

Not that any of them care

No one ever does

I wander, alone

Starving, widdled to bone

Hunting for flesh

As my own body decays

Worse than it did in my human days

I’m damned to this fate again

Life and Death, Beginning and End

This whole thing is a sham

I’ve been misled, fooled, robbed…

Death is nothing but another dead-end job

And I’m ready to punch out

I stumble to a freeway overpass

High as a rollercoaster

I make sure to drop head-first

My brains need to burst

As I fall

I hope this is the end of it all

But if there is another life to slog through

I hope it’s better than the last two…

Photos courtesy of by:

Perchek Industrie

Ricky Singh


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Priscilla Bettis
Priscilla Bettis
Aug 29, 2022

It was hard to "heart" a poem like that because it's so grim, but it's well written, too, lovely, in fact.

Luke Ramer
Luke Ramer
Aug 30, 2022
Replying to

Haha, thanks Priscilla...they should have the option to give it a skull or something cooler than a heart lol

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