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Shades of Violence cover art pic.jpg

My brand-new novel is now available!

Genesis is a child plagued by violent fantasies who runs away from home after learning of her beloved father's death. Lost on the highway, she is picked up by an ex-Hollywood star, Donovan Montana.

Genesis meets a pair of other lost children back at Donovan's mansion and soon realizes that his intentions are anything but innocent. But much to Donovan's surprise, Genesis may be more than he can handle.

Shades of Violence is a blood-soaked game of cat and mouse that asks, when is violence necessary?

My very first book is now available! 

What happens when your best friend is a demonic stuffed animal?

As if growing up isn't rough enough.

A Boy's Best Friend is a coming-of-age novella about Oliver, a young boy who moves to a new town where he is forced to deal with bullies, girls, family, and his murderous stuffed dog, Ruff Ruff.

Is Ruff Ruff the friend that will protect and guide Oliver on his way to adulthood?


Is life ever that simple?

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