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Short stories & Poems

He Returns

An everyday man witnesses a once-in-a-lifetime cosmic event. (Quick Read)


SadGodArt Cropped_edited.jpg

The Lunchbox
The tragic story of an aspiring artist crushed under the weight of mundane life, told through the eyes of his trusted lunchbox.


A man is troubled by an irrational and unbearable itch.

itch cover pic.jpg

A forgotten fast food icon returns for his big comeback.


My Son
A father’s moral compass is tested as he struggles to feed his undead son.

MySon Art.jpg

When the Fall Comes - Halloween Special

A pumpkin is picked from the patch, and experiences its first Halloween.

pumpkin pic nite_edited.jpg

Served Cold - Thanksgiving Special

A traumatized woman exacts her revenge after fifty long years.

20211120_223917 (2).jpg

Beneath the Streetlights

An innocent childhood paradise is lost forever.


BeneathTheStreetlights Thumbnail.jpg

Blitzen - Christmas Special
The real story of Santa's reindeer and Christmas "magic".

Blitzen Art.JPG

Reunion - Dark Poetry​
A short poem of macabre love.

Reunion frame.jpg

POP: A Gooey Love Story
The line between fetish and obsession blur in this tale of strange love. 

POP artwork_edited.jpg

Dear Night Guy,
A man makes a desperate plea to save himself from...himself. 


The Black Cat and The Alien
When an Alien terrorist bombs the wrong planet, he becomes unlikely allies with a mysterious Black Cat. 


The School Roof - short poetry


Expensive Habit - short fiction
A man indulges his deepest desires, but at what cost?

Expsensive Habit pic.jpg

Parting Gift - short fiction
A former prostitute delivers a gift to her unsavory ex-lover.


Small Town
Growing up in a small town is a gift and a curse...


Favorite Song - Dark Poetry

Hangover - Dark Poetry


Fuck Cancer - Dark Fiction
An elderly man, dying of cancer, throws one last party, with a dark twist. 


When the Summer Dies - Dark Poetry

Next Life - Dark Poetry

Fuck Cancer
A man dying of cancer throws an "end of life celebration" with a dark twist.


Brunch - Short Fiction
A loser, a hangover, and a brunch date.


Dismembered Memories -Dark Poetry
A faulty memory leads to a dire situation for an elderly man. 



Grilling - Short Poetry
A man contemplates life while grilling. 


Caveman's New Flower
A caveman discovers something that will change everything.

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